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By utilizing the hypothesis indication region H6, the chances indication region H7 and the situation indication area H8 in the race detailed information indication region H of the preliminary info show 20 in FIG. Place ride wager as one example of the bet control method for the horse race sport system based on the present embodiment shall be explained with reference to FIG. 12 is a view of an data picture 20 presented on the show 6 of the satellite 5 when the place ride guess is made.

When the guess operational input just isn't made, Step S63 follows. The participant touches the all bets button K5

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to thereby make the guess operation enter. When no wager operational enter is made, Step S23 follows. In a present state indication area J in a lowermost a half of the information display 20, present states are transversely displayed. As the current states, a betted coin number , a won coin quantity , apaidcoinnumber and an amassed coin number are displayed. 2, a contact panel 9 is disposed on the person show 6.

On the proper aspect of the speculation indication area H5 there's supplied a racing type speculated info indication area K1 which is similar as within the info display 20 shown in FIG. In the racing form speculation indication region K1, speculated quinella of a race by the racing varieties and odds of the speculated quinella are indicated. Below the message indication region L1,ดีไหม a goal coin quantity setting button L2 is displayed. In the current example, 4 setting buttons, one hundred cash, 200 coins, 500 cash and a thousand coins are displayed. A sport participant touches the target coin quantity setting button L2 to thereby set a target coin number. In the speculation racing type indication region K2, speculated racing forms , a restoration proportion (99.9%) and successful price (100%) are indicated.

According to the current example, a game player could command his desired odd range alone, which permits even a newbie game participant to make appropriate bets briefly durations of time. On the proper aspect of the speculation indication area H5 there is supplied a racing type hypothesis info indication area K1 which is similar as thatค่าย-พี-จี of the information show 20 proven in FIG. In the racing type speculation indication area K1, a speculation of quinella horse numbers of a race by the racing forms, and odds of the quinella horse numbers are indicated. Recommendable buys are determined for each racing form, primarily based on hypothesis marks.

In the present embodiment, the speculation data supplied by eight racing forms, or a racing type 1, a racing kind 2, ......, a racing type eight are displayed in the hypothesis indication areas H5, H6. The horse race recreation system in accordance with the present embodiment contains, as shown in FIG. 2, includes a primary game board 11, and the sport boards 12 of respective satellites via an arc internet hub thirteen. The primary recreation board 11 mainly controls generally the horse race sport device 1, and the sport boards 12 make controls respectively for the game players of the respective satellites 5.

The guideline can focus on policies, procedures for the operations of corporations throughout the business and the reporting traces of suspicious exercise. How to deal with Politically Exposed

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Persons and their transactions together with different excessive danger prospects must be addressed by the guidelines. Another way to launder the soiled funds is when the criminal rig the result of the sports recreation to his or her favor and will get clean funds in return after successful the bet. Further the soiled money is co-mingled with clear funds received from punters before the money is deposited within the checking account.

10 is an info show 20 displayed on the display 6 of the satellite 5 when the hit commanding guess is made. By utilizing the speculation indication area H6, the percentages indication area H7 and the condition indication area H8 within the race detailed info indication region of the initial data show 20 shown in FIG. As one instance of the wager control methodology for the horse race game system based on the current embodiment, odds commanding bet will be explained close to FIG. 6 is an info picture 20 displayed on the show 6 of the satellite 5 when the percentages command bet is made. In the goal coin number commanding bet, when a game participant commands a goal coin number, an appropriate number is routinely betted, primarily based on the target coin quantity and an odds. When a goal coin number is 100, five are betted for a 20 times odds, and one is betted for a one hundred times odds.

When a racing form speculating a race is chosen, a wager is automatically made on a speculated potential finish place-A racing kind speculated info indication area K1 is offered on the proper facet of a hypothesis indication area H5. A hypothesis racing form indication region K2 is provided on the best facet of the racing type speculated data indication area K1. A game player selects a racing kind for use as speculated information. When an all bets button K5 below a racing form release button K4, bets are made maximum eight sets of horse number mixtures speculated by the racing varieties.

All mixtures, e.g., 1-4, 2-4, 3-4, ..., containing Horse No. four, and their odds are indicated. When each the all bets button L3 and a desired speculation area of the racing type speculated info show area K1 are touched, the betted coin numbers can be respectively increased and decreased. When the all bets button K5 and desired speculated areas of the racing type speculated info indication area K1 are touched, the betted coin numbers may be respectively increased or decreased.

In a horse name indication regionทีเด็ดวันนี้ H2, horse names are displayed. In a racing method indication area H3 within the horse name indication region H2, racing styles (NIGE , SENKO , SASHI , OIKOMI are displayed. In a horse kind indication area H4, horse varieties are displayed. Also the government ought to evaluation the present Gaming Act, to include Anti- Money Laundering clauses. Further the Gaming Commission of Ghana should issue Anti-Money Laundering and Combating of Terrorist Financing (AML/CFT) guidelines for the gaming, betting, on line casino, lottery trade.

Guide data for the target coin quantity commanding guess is displayed in the message indication area L1, and quantity setting buttons are indicated in the target coin number setting buttons L2. According to the racing type guess in accordance with the current example, when a racing type speculating a race is chosen, potential combos, for instance, 1-4, 2-4, etc., speculated by the racing kind are displayed on the show. The recreation player only pushes one button, whereby he can wager directly on all possible mixtures of end places presented on the display. Conventionally, a game participant has thought-about by himself combinations, primarily based on speculations of the racing forms and made bets by pushing buttons one after the other in accordance with his decided combinations of attainable end locations, e.g., 1-4, 2-4, and so on.

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